Get the Luminous Look!

The coveted luminous look is easy to achieve if you follow the right steps, and I wouldn't be writing about it if we didn't have the products you needed!

Begin by cleansing your face with any GM or Yonka milk or gel, or your preferred Dermed cleanser (if your skin is particularly oily, try GM's puractiv+ gel and mist to reduce sebum production). See any of the following product combos for brighter luminous skin!

Yonka Combo's #1 and #2: Creme 28 and Creme PS both contain vitamin A, rotate either of these with Hydralia which contains vitamin C, and both lactic and citric acids.

Yonka Combo's #3 and #4: Vital Defense contains both vitamin A and C! Combine this with the Hydra N*1 serum to boost your skin's hydration. Another great cream to use with the Hydra N*1 serum would be Creme PG which contains vitamin A (retinol) which slowly reveals bright new skin!

*Dermed offers a brightening line, which makes it extra easy to plan your routine. Anything from their renewing and brightening lines will do perfectly to help us along to dewy but not too dewy looking skin!*

An important step to glowing skin is EXFOLIATION. Make it easy on yourself and use one that's both chemical AND physical. GM's Active Exfoliant Powder is PERFECT, and gentle enough to use everyday if need be. It contains vitamin E and C, salicylic acid and tea tree oil to purify for squeaky clean pores, AND granular rice powder and oatmeal for gentle physical exfoliation.

Last step: Make-up! Keep it simple with light coverage. A lightweight tinted moisturizer like Jane Iredale's Dreamtint (with SPF 15!) is just right. Only use it to cover any discolouration or blemishes however, we want it only to complement your naturally luminous skin! To help us along with that, I'd also recommend the Jane Active Light concealer. Use this only on the cheekbones, under your brow, and the bow of the lip!

For this look keep it low maintenance, mascara and some brow maintenance is plenty! There you go, glow on!