New Yon-Ka Products at Chrysalis

We're pleased to offer you two new Yon-Ka products at Chrysalis Spa! It isn't often that Yon-Ka develops new products so, when they do, you know they've got to be good. 

YON-KA Guarana Scrub
This triple-action facial scrub will bring instant radiance to your complexion by purifying pores, polishing and invigorating your skin. Guarana Scrub is different from Yon-Ka's Gommage exfoliants because it contains a combination of guarana seed and organic brown rice microbeads to slough away dead skin cells and softly refine the skin's texture. Yon-Ka is known for it's natural ingredients and this scrub is no exception containing 96% natural ingredients with 11 plant-based extracts. It's also paraben-free. We're finally starting to transition into Spring so, it's the perfect time to reveal a fresh, rejuvenated complexion!

YON-KA Nutri-Protect Mains
This ultra-repairing and comforting hand cream provides daily protection against harsh external factors and helps fight premature aging. It's rich in shea butter which is excellent in  soothing and repairing very dry, irritated and chapped skin. Nutri-Protect Mains will leave your hands silky-soft, not greasy, and your nails and cuticles supple. Plus, you'll love the uplifting citrus essence! 

Both of these products are an excellent addition to your skin care routine for fresh and vibrant skin just in time for Spring!